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Fort McMurray Dental is a family dentist in Fort McMurray providing services for everyone in the family from their newest additions to the special seniors in their lives.

As adults, we may not be too picky about what dental clinic we attend if we don’t have any chronic or complex issues. Regular checkups and cleanings can be performed by any certified general dentist, and we may not even see the same dentist each time we attend. If you are starting a family, or if your family is new to a community, you might consider taking the time to consider the benefits of beginning to work with a family dental practice.

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As family dentists, we have the same qualifications as a traditional general dentist, but the difference and benefits are found in the subtler elements of the practice, like our enthusiasm for working with children, our ability to help our patients successfully manage anxiety, or the effort we put into making sure that our clinical environment is appealing to all ages.

As family dentists, we don’t just specialize in treating children – rather, we prefer to follow our patients in their care for as long as possible. Unlike a pediatric dentist who will only treat your child until they reach the age of majority, the time put into forming a relationship with your family dentist is not at risk of being lost. We happily treat our patients from toddlers to seniors and enjoy getting to know the families that we work with so that we can provide them with the best possible experience while they are with us.


We take the time to get to know our patients, their goals and their oral and medical health history. Getting to know our patients means that we get to foster a trust-based relationship early-on in our work together. For children in particular, going to the dentist is made infinitely easier when they feel comfortable in the environment and trust their practitioner. It is our desire that each of our patients feel confident and cared for when they are with us in our clinic, and we ensure that patient concerns are heard and addressed.

If you have small children, we recommend getting them started at the dentist early – even if it’s just to watch another member of their family, such as a parent or sibling, have their teeth cleaned. For some children, visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience and they may experience feelings of claustrophobia when laying back in the dental chair. Watching other family members be treated helps to demonstrate that they will be safe in the chair (and that sitting in the chair might even be fun!).

We are a full-service family dental clinic in Fort McMurray that is open on Saturdays so you or your children don’t have to miss work or school. We understand dental checkups can be stressful and even scary for the families younger members, so our staff always does our best to make the visit as friendly and quick as possible. We offer late and group appointments to help families schedule and prioritize their family’s oral health needs. Larger families may find it beneficial to book well in advance in order for all members of the family to be seen on the same day.

Children who experience anxiety at the dentist will be comforted by compassionate team members who help them remain calm and distracted. Our team of dental assistants, dentists and hygienists are selected first for their skill and knowledge, as well as their familiarity with children and working with those with special needs. This ensures that our team members share our enthusiasm for family dentistry, and that they possess the soft skills required to provide compassionate and effective chairside manner.

Fort McMurray Dental’s support staff make it a priority for patients to experience a smooth administrative process and a pleasant chair-side experience.
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Each operatory is equipped with digital radiography. You can also watch your favorite Netflix program while having your procedure done!
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Family Matters

Your family dentist is well positioned to offer outstanding care to your family because they are aware of the challenges, such as genetic disorders, which could impact the growth and development of each member of the family, based on their knowledge of each member’s dental and medical history. This allows your dentist to take a proactive and preventative approach to treating your family’s oral health concerns.

Seeing a family dentist does not preclude any member of your family from seeing a pediatric or other speciality dentist as required. Your family dentist can refer you to a specialist for acute treatment, but continue to see you for follow-up care.

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Our dental clinic is equipped with all the technology, tools and equipment required to be your family dentist. We accept patients from the age of 6 months and up. Please contact our clinic to learn more about our services and book a visit for your family today!

If you have questions about this or other services offered by our general dentist, contact our clinic today.

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