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Invisalign® in Fort McMurray

We are pleased to offer Invisalign® as an option to straighten teeth. Dr. Tran provides Invisalign® in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas.

If you’ve ever thought about making changes to your smile, chances are you’ve considered changing the alignment of your teeth. Maybe there’s a gap you’d like to close or some misalignment you’d like to fix – or maybe there’s some crowding … no matter the need, advances in dental technology are making it easier than ever to get the smile of your dreams.

There was a time when straightening your teeth meant committing to having metal braces installed, and while metal braces remain the gold standard for severe or complex malocclusion (crooked teeth), they are no longer the only solution. Today, mild and moderate cases of crooked teeth can be corrected with transparent aligners – meaning you get to straighten your teeth without all the metal and elastics.

Introducing Invisalign®

Invisalign® is the first orthodontic appliance of its kind, allowing you to straighten your teeth discretely and easily. The Invisalign® system uses the same principle of continuous pressure to straighten the teeth using aligners. Aligners are made of an almost transparent plastic material which is custom made to fit your unique teeth. The aligners are similar to a night guard in that they are placed over the teeth with a snug fit. When you begin your Invisalign® therapy, you’ll receive all the aligners you need to complete your Invisalign® therapy.

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How it Works

To begin the process, your dentist will capture a 3D image of your mouth – complete in a matter of minutes. Once this is achieved, your dentist can use this image to reference as you plan your treatment together. This image will not only show you where your teeth are today, but what could be achieved with Invisalign®. If you and your dentist are satisfied with the simulation, the image can be sent directly to an Invisalign® lab where your custom aligners will be made.

You will receive between 20 and 30 aligners from the lab which will be used in sequence. Rather than receive orthodontic adjustments, Invisalign® uses small incremental changes in the fit of the aligners to achieve alignment. This means a more comfortable experience, as aligners are changed every two or three weeks, or as often as your dentist recommends.

Using Invisalign® Daily

Beginning your journey with Invisalign® will likely require some small lifestyle changes where oral hygiene is concerned. Since your success relies on continuous pressure from aligners, it makes sense that these aligners must be worn continuously – with the exception of eating and brushing.

Your goal should be 22 hours of aligner wear in a 24-hour period. Aligners should be removed to eat and drink and should only be replaced in the mouth once it has been cleaned. This is because food particles and sugars left in the mouth will be held snugly against your enamel once the aligners are on, which would promote decay and gum disease. When the aligners are in place, only water should be consumed. This new routine could take some getting used to – especially if you are a ‘snacker’ between meals, but many patients find their overall health improve when they are no longer able to snack or ‘graze’ throughout the day.

Who Should Use It?

Since wearing Invisalign® requires some discipline around eating and hygiene, it is not recommended for children or young adolescents whose enamel could be damaged by not following the hygiene protocol. Aligners are so thin and so transparent that they are easily lost when not replaced in their case, so using them requires diligence in order not to set your program back. If you lose a pair of aligners, revert to the most recent pair you wore until your dentist can recommend how to proceed.

If you have struggled with nighttime clenching and grinding, your dentist may recommend against Invisalign®, since this grinding pressure could warp or break the plastic aligners.

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Freedom with Invisalign®

Invisalign® gives you the freedom to enjoy the foods you like without restrictions placed on patients with traditional braces. Popcorn, candy and crunchy foods may all remain in your diet. No longer will you feel the need to hide your smile, and aligners can even be removed for special occasions such as a family or professional photoshoot. Since aligners are not cemented to the teeth, your teeth will maintain a consistent shade and will look natural when aligners are removed. In contrast, cemented brackets often reveal a whiter shade beneath them once removed.

Your treatment program will typically end with being provided a retainer to wear at night to maintain the position of your teeth going forward.

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If you are interested in getting started with Invisalign®, book a consultation with our dental clinic in Fort McMurray. If you are a candidate, you will be given a 3D scan of the upper and lower teeth which will then allow your dentist to produce a simulation of the potential end result of the entire process. Your approval allows your dentist to send the 3D image to the lab, and your Invisalign® process can begin!

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